Week 2: The Bible Teaches People to Hate

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Home Discussion

  • Read 1 Corinthians 5:12 and discuss the differences are between what it looks like nudge someone and what it looks like to (healthy) judge someone.
  • Do you have someone on the ‘inside’ who you have relationship with that keeps you accountable? What has gone well and what hasn’t?
  • Jesus is usually first on the scene, through His Spirit, to confront you and I about sin. In what ways do you allow or seek out Jesus’ accountability in your life? What keeps you from not doing this or continuing to do this?

Student Challenge 

Let’s challenge ourselves to walk into some life changing moments this week:

#1) Seek out a family member, friend, or leader (someone you feel safe with) and ask them to keep you accountable in a certain area of your life. Be open and honest about that area in your life and share it all. Invite them to speak into areas of your life and then pray together.
#2) Read Hebrews 4:16, and do the same thing in challenge #1, but with Jesus. Finish with prayer and receive His forgiveness with great thanks and hope.

You can view the video the students watched for this by clicking the button below.