The Summit is home to all things kids and Christ. We want kids to see that their faith is always an upwards climb and in that climb you can't make in on your own, you are going to need others to walk with you because your faith is an ADVENTURE! Our goal is to get kids living in community with each other, and we want them to build relationships with adults that can assist them.

If you would like to volunteer, here are the areas where you join the team and serve.

GUIDES: Every adventure needs a guide, our guides are just group leaders that ensure children are safe and engaged.

TEACHERS:These folks know the ropes! Better yet they love God's Word and they love to see kids understand the truth. You don't have to have a seminary degree just be gifted by God and empowered but the Holy Spirit.

BUDDIES: Some of our climbers need special attention and love! We pair each of them with their own personal guide to look after them and keep them in the fun.

HOSTS: Do you like to dance and sing? Awesome!! Come help us by leading children in worship songs on stage, or work behind the scenes in audio/video support.

Our desire is to connect children to Christ, each other and to support parents in their roles as Christ-followers and mentors of their children. We recognize that parents have been given the primary responsibility for their children’s faith education (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). As a ministry we want to do what we can do to reinforce what you are teaching your child about the love of God through Christ.

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